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Unlike other paints and coatings, MasterShield does not use harmful additives, or cause the release of toxic gas if there is a fire.



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  1. Never Paint Again!

    • 10 times thicker than paint!
    • Seals, Insulates & Protects
    • Endless Color Choices
    • Lifetime Warranty
    mastershield of america

    Attention all homeowners: Worried about sub-par weather coating or flimsy siding? Having trouble finding a worthy home improvement company? Don’t be, because you just found the best solution! MasterShield of America offers excellent coating options and services for all residential and commercial buildings.

    Premium waterproofing, long lasting solids, adaptable coating, and effective cleanings are just a few of the many popular services we provide. Our layering system is designed to cover any building with striking visuals and resistant thickness. No texture is too complicated, and no structure is too overwhelming.

    We raise the bar on coating possibilities, with you, our customer in mind.

    We want your home or office exteriors to reflect how successful you are, and we know plenty about success! MasterShield offers free estimates and professionally trained experts, whose years of experience dwarf the competition. There is a reason for the “Master” in “MasterShield.”

    Our annual warranties are backed by a National Warranty Program that comes directly from the manufacturer. MasterShield clients really appreciate our LifeTime* warranty, providing you with protection for the life of your home or building. With the latest industry solutions and materials, not to mention great deals and trustworthy customer service, MasterShield of America has put their mark on the coating system map, and we expect to stay there for a long time. Home improvement MUST be taken seriously and produce effective results, and that’s where we come in.

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