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Unlike other paints and coatings, we don't use harmful additives, or cause the release of toxic gas if there is a fire.



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  • 10 times thicker than paint!
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Attention all homeowners: If you’re looking for premier exterior house paint and coating, don’t settle for regular exterior paint. You want long-term results, so go with a product that has long-term success. We are THE industry standard for professional exterior house paint. With a specialized design, we have perfected the coating formula, making it more superior over regular exterior house paint. Moreover, our solid workmanship and experience go hand in hand with our various services that we offer for our clients. Operating out of Florida for years, our expertise and work ethic guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

We raise the bar on coating possibilities, with you, our customer in mind.

When you hire Master Shield of America, you know your architectural needs will be met with excellent results. We provide high quality ceramic coating, waterproofing, exterior house paint, sanding, patching, siding removal and replacement, and pressure washing. Our special ceramic coating is the key, however. Its material has no powders or water mixing, minimizing any inconsistency. It has zero harmful vapors or chemicals like bleach, lead, and mercury. Regular exterior paint can be thin and weak, whereas our formula is impact resistant, durable, and repels fading, molding, and moisture buildup, not to mention thermal shock and UV ray protection. Additionally, unlike regular exterior paint, Master Shield is highly adaptable to a variety of surfaces, including stucco, concrete, wood, vinyl, and brick.

100% financing, free estimates, and senior discounts round out the amazing benefits you get when you choose Master Shield of America. At Master Shield we don’t just paint, we create residential and commercial exterior wonders using our unique and long-lasting coating formula. The experience and level of professionalism we bring to every project shows our dedication to the work. While you could always choose an inexpensive painter, not all paints and/or materials are created equally; you cannot pass up the opportunity to work with Master Shield’s top notch coating services. Don’t waste another second, call today and set up an appointment. You will see how good business operates, so contact us today!

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