Regular exterior house paint can be thin and weak and will fade in a few years. Our ceramic coating can be used on almost any exterior surface, including stucco, concrete, wood, vinyl and brick. Additionally, our ceramic coating has no harmful vapors or chemicals that can be bad for the environment.



Master Shield’s Seamless and Chemically Bonded systems eliminate most common failures of most roofing systems (premature seam failure and loss of adhesion). We also offer unsurpassed weathering characteristics for the sunbelt environment. As about our “very special” system for roofs serving the dual purpose of “activity above” and “living or storage below.” This special system is durable enough to successfully withstand traffic, yet provide an attractive, weatherproof finish.



Master Shield of America can make your business stand out from the rest with its high quality exterior ceramic coating. When it’s time to paint your business or commercial building in Orlando, regular exterior paint that’s thin and watery can’t give you the long term results you want and need.

What is Mastershield?

“No More Painting… EVER!”

If you’re looking for premier exterior house paint and coating, don’t settle for regular exterior paint. You want long-term results, so go with a product that has long-term success. We are THE industry standard for professional exterior house paint. With a specialized design, we have perfected the coating formula, making it more superior over regular exterior house paint. Moreover, our solid workmanship and experience go hand in hand with our various services that we offer for our clients. Operating out of Florida for years, our expertise and work ethic guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

What is the Process?

The easiest home improvement descision you’ll ever make!

Our ten step process begins with a complete inspection of the property. Next, we will pressure wash the building and cover any areas that may be damaged. Damaged siding is replaced or repaired and old paint is removed from the surface. Surfaces are prepared, primed and a final coat is applied. Finally, we will finish up the smaller details and clean up all materials.

We Keep Our Customers Talking

"The guys were very nice and more than willing to do the job right."

"This is a job well done that we are happy we went through with rather than a regular paint job done by inexperienced painters."

"Site preparation was meticulous, and everything that needed to be moved or altered was restored to an excellent condition."

"They took such great care in their work and cleaned up so well you could hardly tell they had been here.”

"We thank you for the workmanship and would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to get their homes coated."

"The assistance with color selection turned out to be a perfect blend for our home color and yet accentuate our property."

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