At Master Shield of America, we combine years of experience, dedication, and professional expertise with powerful results. Time after time, we have heard the horror stories about lousy coating, exterior house paint jobs, bad siding installation, and overall poor workmanship. We knew we had to offer a specialized service that would set us apart from the rest in order to excel at professional coating. In a competitive industry with similar traits, we decided to perfect the lesser known (but still important) details that help us set the standard for coating systems. Just being the most technically sound company won’t get you far if you can’t back it up with the intangibles. Master Shield provides you with both!

Our applicators are certified and well-prepared to handle any equipment or job, no matter the size or cost. We set firm guidelines and efficient training for our technicians, which improves the quality of work not just for them, but obviously for the benefit of each and every one of our clients.

We’d like to add that the intangibles mentioned before, are what make us different from those other companies. Punctuality and respect are generally two of the most undervalued skills, but not for us. We don’t merely work FOR the customer, but also WITH the customer, achieving results superior to our counterparts. Our thorough evaluation process is another one of our strengths, leaving nothing to chance when improving one’s home or office. By providing sound advice and sophisticated coating capabilities, we take the burden from our clients, crush it into a fine powder, and throw it away for good.

about mastershield

Since its inception, Master Shield of America has established a reputation for steady growth in business and a host of satisfied customers, so our work record speaks for itself. Don’t solely take our word for it, though. Let us show you our expertise, and you’ll agree we are the ultimate coating company around.

Note: While other companies offer yearly warranties, we raise the bar and offer LIFETIME warranties for the life of the house; Warranties are extended to both labor and materials.

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