shield_bulletpoint4 What’s the difference between MasterShield coating and regular painting?
The purpose of regular painting is to color, while coating can have multiple tasks, including coloring, patching, and waterproofing. The MasterShield coating is thicker, more durable and longer lasting than ordinary paint.

shield_bulletpoint4 Does MasterShield coating only come in one color?
Not at all! We have a wide selection of colors for you to choose from. Just ask us to show you!

shield_bulletpoint4 Do you only work on houses?
No, we accept projects for both residential and commercial locations.

shield_bulletpoint4 How durable is your coating?
The durability of our coating is strong enough to resist serious weather ailments like wind-driven rain and acid rain while also being incredibly impact resistant to cracks, chalking, dents, holes, etc. The coatings provided by MasterShield are the very best in the industry.

shield_bulletpoint4 Do you hire sub-contractors for your work?
No, all of our applicators are in-house trained.

shield_bulletpoint4 How much do your charge?
All prices are based on project requirements and objectives.

shield_bulletpoint4 Do you charge for project estimates?
No, our estimates/evaluations are free.

shield_bulletpoint4 Can your coating work on stucco surfaces?
Yes, our coating is flexible enough to adapt to any surface area, like concrete, brick, metal, wood, or vinyl.

shield_bulletpoint4 Is siding a better option than MasterShield coating?
Siding can be beneficial for certain visual styles and longevity, but not all siding is consistently durable. Some can warp due to temperature changes; paint can easily chip away on siding; and the cost for replacing siding and repainting is unnecessary. We prefer MasterShield coating as it has been proven over time to be a more reliable & durable product.

shield_bulletpoint4 Why do you not use powder or bleach in your products?
Powder is popular, but it can be very inconsistent, based on the applicator mixing it. Also, thin powder coating will create rough, less appealing surfaces. Bleach is sometimes used as a cleaner, but it actually burns through the coating over time and cause flashing, streaks, and fading.

shield_bulletpoint4 Do you offer warranties?
Yes, we provide lifetime warranties on labor and materials for the lifetime of the house/building.

shield_bulletpoint4 How can I schedule an appointment?
There are several ways to contact us. You can e-mail us or call for an appointment.
Call now at 352-394-1022 or Toll Free at 888-997-6397. MasterShieldInfo@Centurylink.net.

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