Achieve the Best Possible Results

Master Shield of America abides by a tried and true process of multi-layering and detailed preparation in order to achieve the best possible results. One of the easiest ways to maintain a solid paint job is to be prepared. That includes choosing the right paint material, taping off areas, pressure washing before painting, removing any old paint and priming surfaces. You also want to choose whether or not you prefer rolling paint or spray painting. Spray gives you more surface area covered, but it is also less controllable than rolling. Other good tips to note are to start painting in the shade, as sunlight will cause paint to blister and flake, and start painting at the highest point and work you way down. Hiring Master Shield, you avoid these potential pitfalls, because why be a professional and not use your experience to achieve great things?

No more painting… ever.

Never Paint Again! Hearing something like that might give you pause, until you see that you don’t have to use standard paint for your home anymore, not if Master Shield of America has anything to say about it. When you need premier exterior coating, choose Master Shield. You are guaranteed long-lasting results thanks to long-lasting work ethic and high quality coating formulas. Master Shield services many of the major areas throughout Florida, like Tallahassee, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville, and they pride themselves on applying their specialized ceramic coating to turn every home or office into a masterpiece.

Exterior House Paint Professionals

When you use ordinary paint, you can get ordinary results. When you want excellent results, your use Master Shield of America. The industry standard for professional exterior house paint, Master Shield uses a specialized formula that is both long-lasting and visually engaging. They also offer a wide variety of home improvement services that will drastically improve any residential or commercial exterior. The question you end up having is whether or not to pay for less effort or for complete dedication and years of experience. When it comes to Master Shield of America, doing the job well always trumps doing the job for cheap.

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