You might like to know that our ceramic coating formula requires no powders or water mixing, which means to you that our process provides more reliability. Moreover, the material is environmentally friendly (and E.P.A. approved), devoid of any harmful vapors or chemicals. Our customers love the fact that Master Shield’s reflectivity also means the more light reflected, the cooler your home or building stays. Easy on the air conditioning bills!

exterior house paint

Another point that we’d like to make is that the patchable material we use on your home or building is flexible enough to fill in cracks or holes, not to mention being easily sanded for any installation or repair job. Additionally, it is successfully impact resistant and durable, resistant to scratches, cracks, peeling, chipping, or chalking. Aside from the physical strengths, our ceramic coating retains its sheen and repels fading, molding, and moisture buildup. Thermal shocks come from temperature changes caused by the moisture absorption and moisture can soak into brick, stone, and mortar, causing instability. Why not trust the proven ceramic coating leader? Master Shield. The coating stretches and adapts to any type of texture, thanks to its high flexibility. No matter if the structure is made from stucco, concrete, wood, vinyl, or brick, the coating will remain and fit well on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

As you can imagine, the thickness of any coating is important. Ordinary paint can be applied several times over, but it is still thin. Thin paint can become very weak and offers no defense from weathering or external water, not to mention being highly susceptible to cracking (which would lead to even more water issues). Our Master Shield product, on the other hand, dries thick enough to protect from mold buildup and ruin. Moreover, Master Shield’s ceramic coating will not be harmed by normal cleaning and washing. It just doesn’t get any easier than this!

In Orlando and statewide the weather can be unpredictable, Master Shield’s products offer high quality waterproof coating that eliminates potential moisture build-ups while it sheds water effectively off any building. This is done by preventing wind-driven rain from piercing your walls. It will also withstand high humidity, which anyone knows can be extreme. Weathering becomes a moot point, not to mention salt spray and acid rains are non-factors against our coating.

Moreover, the ceramic coating protects the building from thermal shock and damaging UV rays and extends the visual appeal. Too much sun exposure can heat up a structure, so our coating has excellent solar reflectivity.

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