Our initial consultation will include an overall analysis of your project. We will evaluate your specific needs, determining the type of coating procedure that will work best for your exterior. We’ll sit down with you and quote a price based on materials needed and labor required. Next comes scheduling a non-intrusive time best-suited for you appointment to get started. From there we go into the actual project.

Our process includes:

1. Complete Inspection of the Project. This includes evaluation of all the particulars including the current condition of each & every surface as well as the work environment. This includes any siding, paint, wood or stucco on the structure.

2. Pressure Wash the home or building. From there comes the sanding and pressure washing to prep the outer surfaces for coating Before we pressure wash, we remove or cover anything else that may be damaged, like house numbers, fixtures, and shutters. Your home or building will need time to dry after pressure washing, so we can test the amount of moisture present on the surfaces. This will help us determine if conditions are ready for the next phase.

3. Repair or replace any damaged Siding, Wood or Stucco. By repairing/replacing these areas on your exterior, we are truly starting from scratch to achieve optimum results and better adhesion. Master Shield does not apply our ceramic coating over top of damaged or defective siding as it does not meet our standards. Ie: Irregular coating, warping & health hazards under certain conditions.

4. Remove any old paint that’s loose.

5. Prepare surfaces for the Master Shield application. This includes caulking windows/doors. Then we tape the appropriate areas to avoid overspray and keep the coating trim and neat.

6. Prime the surfaces. The actual coating process we use is a multi-layered procedure that reinforces the strength of the compound. Priming is the first step in creating a solid bond.

7. Final Coat. We prime the home or building surfaces first, then apply the final, specialized Master Shield coating afterwards. This final coat provides additional layers of protection from wear and tear, cracks, weather conditions, and more.

8. Finish details. Once the final application is done & the coating is complete and dry, we pack up our equipment & look over the entire project as we seek to find any remaining areas that need additional attention to detail.

9. Clean-up of materials. This includes the picking up trash, wiping off any stray streaks, and even returning previously removed items, if necessary. Then, we inspect the finished project, making sure everything matches our client’s specifications, polishing up any details left unchecked.

10. Your approval upon completion. We finish the project by scheduling routine evaluations on how well the coating is holding up, and answer any remaining client questions.

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