Master Shield goes the extra mile in providing the best service this industry has to offer. For starters, our lifetime warranty program guarantees value and constant professional support, as do our free home and building evaluations. Our commitment to high quality goes into properly informing our customers, too.

For example – What painters don’t want you to know! Check out our list of benefits before and see why Master Shield is a much better alternative to paint!

Not all paints and/or materials are created equally or safely:

coating benefits
  • Master Shield does NOT use harmful additives like lead, mercury, or bleach! Our materials are environmentally green friendly. Lead and Mercury used to be part of paint mix as a way to keep the material from breaking down, but were eventually banned. FYI, bleach will not kill mold or mildew, but instead it just bleaches the texture, promoting fading and noticeable streaks. Not good!
  • We stay away from ingredients like powder and water. Powder may be easier to use, but it isn’t as dependable.
  • On the subject of paint, while it is attractive and easy to apply, it has terrible adhesion qualities and also more likely to attract fungus and heavy moisture buildup. Unlike our coating which offers excellent breathability, paints have no protection and lead to chalking and substrate erosion. Regular paint also can tear off by routine washing.
  • Regarding siding, it can cause serious issues such as releasing toxic gases when it burns. Wood siding is subject to fading, mold, and weathering; and overall, painting over bad siding means more costs to replace it and to paint again.

Our experienced applicators perform all projects while adhering to strict principles and scheduling. They are well-trained in the latest techniques with top-of-the-line equipment. Even better is their commitment to neat and clean work, so you’ll never have to worry about leftover tools or messes. For us, the job is not just something we go to every day, but a chance to make a lasting impression.

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