Ceramic Coating

When the siding on your home or office begins to show that worn look, it’s time for rejuvenation. Over time, the natural environment can damage a home’s exterior, so to prevent that, you need the strongest coating out there to provide relief. That relief comes in the form of Master Shield. With Master Shield of America, home improvement has never been easier or more rewarding. They provide premier ceramic coating options and services for residential and commercial properties in the state of Florida, and their results speak for themselves.

Why choose Master Shield? For a variety of different reason! To start with, Master Shield’s coating is different from paint. Ordinary paint is there for color, while coating is used for coloring, patching, and waterproofing; its thickness is sturdy and longer lasting than regular paint, which can chip away. Moreover, paint doesn’t have great adhesive qualities and may be more likely to attract fungus and moisture. MasterShield’s specialized ceramic coating formula is eco-friendly and does not contain harmful ingredients or chemicals.

Master Shield’s technicians begin the coating process with a thorough inspection of the property, evaluating the current surface conditions. They’ll write up a free estimate afterwards, detailing what needs to be done. Once work is approved, the exterior is prepped for coating, which includes pressure washing, removing any old paint or siding, caulking windows and doors, and taping/covering up areas for overspray. Surfaces are primed with multiple layers for creating a stronger bond, followed by applying the final Master Shield coating and area clean-up. The technicians inspect the work afterwards, making sure the client is happy and the work is up to their high standard.

Don’t waste your time and money continually residing your home or hiring contractors to paint your walls. Master Shield of America offers more than high quality work, they offer peace of min, work you can be proud of and a home that looks it’s best ever! Call today at 844-LAST-COAT to set up an appointment!

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